27 April 2013

How to save my toddlers from screen addiction? I tried to address this problem today. It was like climbing Mount Everest. My four year old Maryam was throwing tantrums every other minute. So I decided to cook for her Halwa (a sweet dish) with puri (a traditional bread). Not only Maryam, Ali and Sheharbano liked but also Aamna my daughter of Season 1. I believe I must tell you about the two seasons of children we have. Well we have four children who range from 18 years to 11 years and the season two. Maryam, four is the eldest and then two younger. So as my husband calls me I am “The MOM”.

Coming back to screen addiction, after the supper when season 2 and Aamna had had halwa and puri, it was sort of resuming for Maryam, the most obstinate of both the seasons. Back to tantrums and I had to hit her a bit and then was sent to the bed, where she kept sobbing for almost almost two hours and finally went to sleep. While she was registering her protest, Ali the copy cat started throwing tantrums in much the similar manner which really surprised me. So he was dealt with but it was easier.

Eldest one Muhammad has SAT1 after a week and he is behaving like a KURAK hen (a hen  when she is in a bad temper). So today he woke me up in the middle of a deep afternoon nap and asked money for ice-cream. Very annoying!

Hussain 15, is facing hormonal changes as do all children at the commencement of puberty. Is sad and depressed most of the time. Since he loves to dress himself in clothes of different cultures, so yesterday he wanted an Arabic kandura (which is quite a waste of money as it not worn anywhere except at home when he is catwalking). I listened to his babbling most of the day.

Khadija behaved well and helped me today. She is my 13 year old daughter who helps me the most. Aamna is eating a lot and gaining a lot of weight , quite alarming for me although my hubby insists she is not fat. She ate a lot of halwa as I told u earlier and also almost all the dumplings brought by our neighbour. Our neighbour took Sheharbano to her home. Our neighbour is also a mother of seven and she and I behave quite the same most of the time. Sheharbano started crying wildly at her home and was brought back immediately. Thats all for today folks.